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Home Addition - floor plan

  • Tuesday, November 07 2006 @ 05:04 PM UTC
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** update ** We terminated our relationship with this architect. Read the comments for additional information. **

Things are progressing nicely. Our architectural firm is m_gold design and consulting. We are moving forward into choosing materials, getting approval from a structural engineer, etc.

Below is the latest revision of the floor plan produced by Martin Gold's firm (mgold@mgold.org).

The light green area includes a new family room, a studio / bedroom, and a full bath.

The light blue area, which includes a screened deck, will likely be optional components that we will not build initially to reduce construction costs.

The addition in relation to the existing house:

Zoomed in a little bit:

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  • Home Addition - current floor plan
  • Authored by: Dan Stoner on Wednesday, December 19 2007 @ 03:38 AM UTC
We had to terminate our relationship with Martin Gold because we could not find a contractor who could build the design within our budget. In fact, most of the building professionals we talked to thought that there were some significant problems with the design and that we would have trouble getting the plans approved for permitting. We paid $5,000 for plans that could not be built cost-effectively, but the architect assured us that continuing to spend money on the project and hiring an expensive structural engineer would allow the project to be completed. Despite the architect's confidence and assurances, we eventually lost faith in the his competency and had to cut our losses. The situation got a bit ugly, as you might imagine.

All we wanted was a three-room addition with a few particular features. It is up to the professionals to know the building code and real-world building costs. So instead of finding another architect, we just decided to hire a contractor who has helped us come up with a much more practical design that will actually be reasonable to build and will meet local building code. After going through this process, I'd say that most small home additions or renovations just need a good contractor and probably do not need an architect at all.

We have not yet filed a complaint with the American Institute of Architects, the Better Business Bureau, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, or any other appropriate organizations who might have an interest in this situation. Who has time for that kind of thing? It's unlikely that we will get our money back. I just don't want some other poor unsuspecting clients to shell over thousands of dollars for disappointment like we did.

If anyone happens to be considering working with Martin Gold please ask him to see a home project that he designed and actually got built. Ours won't be one of them.
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