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Home Addition - Construction Update 9

  • Saturday, July 19 2008 @ 04:05 PM UTC
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The project has slowed considerably. We are now at the mercy of the sub-contractors schedules.

However, we passed some more inspections and there definitely is progress since the last update!

We have a new roof on the entire house. We chose a commercial spray-on foamy material due to the very shallow pitch of our roof. The foam adds a significant layer of insulation from the hot Florida sun. The roofers wrapped our house in plastic to keep the spray from getting on the windows. This reminded us of a scene from the movie E.T.

You can see the foam material peeking over the edge of the roofline:

The summer rains have come and we discovered a drainage issue along the drip-line. We have put in many hours of shoveling to fix the slope issues and to lay new sod.

We have also made good progress painting the exterior.

I constructed a "sand sled" out of plywood and rope to help haul the sand and sod around.

The yard next to the porch is finished and I hope to mow the new grass for the first time this weekend.

Now for the interior... plumbing, electrical, and drywall have been installed! We are now waiting for the plasterers to show up so we can take down the temporary walls.

Below are pictures before and after the drywall.

Family Room:


Guest Room / Studio:

Hopefully, the next construction update will show a nearly-finished project with fresh paint and maybe even some flooring!
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