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What NOT to do in your server room

  • Thursday, November 05 2009 @ 04:14 AM UTC
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Leave unused cables in-place.  Do not use cable management.  Label no cables.


Use cables of inappropriate length (this is a SCSI cable!):


Plug your most critical servers and SAN into a small stand-alone UPS instead of the large, redundant, UPS battery backup:


Keep old and dead equipment in the rack:


Use the aisle in front of your server racks for old PC storage:


Run cables through unusual pathways that require un-racking servers to move a cable:


Stack equipment back-to-back and resting on top of each other:

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  • What NOT to do in your server room
  • Authored by: taxpayer on Thursday, November 05 2009 @ 06:51 PM UTC

Kudos to the Pinellas County Tax Collector IT staff for allowing you to photograph their facilities.

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  • What NOT to do in your server room
  • Authored by: Dan Stoner on Friday, November 06 2009 @ 01:30 AM UTC

Ha!  There must be many server rooms that look like this... but no, this is not in Pinellas County.  My server room does not look like this anymore... the "after" pictures will show up one of these days.

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