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My Second Barefoot Run

  • Saturday, May 29 2010 @ 11:00 PM UTC
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Running and Fitness

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I have one word to describe my second barefoot run... CALVES!

Yes, the calves are quite sore. I ran 2.25 miles today, 1.5 of that barefooted. Most of the run was on dirt trails, some of them twisty with the occasional tree root. I was quite surprised that the rougher terrain did not bother me... as long as I stayed light on my feet and continued a brisk cadence as described in the various barefoot running guides.

At this point in my training, I am glad to carry the Nike Frees along with me. When my calves need a break I can throw on the shoes and keep my cardiovascular going. The shoes allow me to continue with a mid-foot strike, but give the calf muscle a break since my heal does not travel all the way to the ground.

Wooden boards can be very slippery when wet. My Nike Frees had better traction than bare feet on a wet mildew-covered boardwalk crossing a wetland area. This makes me think I will try some minimalist shoes for the possibility of gaining traction.

I'm told that I need to watch the movie "Last of the Mohicans" because of all the running scenes. I also keep finding great stories online such as UltraRunning - In the Beginning: Native Americans. These fit well with the conceptual love I'm developing towards the moccasin. But for now, I will continue to alternate between true barefoot running and the Nike Free Run+.
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