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Vibram FiveFingers Bikila

  • Sunday, June 13 2010 @ 11:49 PM UTC
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Running and Fitness

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The other day I was running in my Huarache Sandals. Another runner caught up with me and started to chat since he had never seen anyone running in huaraches before. He was wearing Newton running shoes and told me that he owned some Vibram FiveFingers. It seems like FiveFingers (VFF) are everywhere these days (even my parents have heard of them).

I've fixed most of the discomfort with the huaraches, but the lacing is still tricky to get "just right" and comfortable. I'm not sure I want to deal with that on race day. As I mentioned in RunAmoc running moccasins from Soft Star Shoes, I'm still looking for the perfect minimalist running shoe.

I had a rare weekend day of freedom (thanks honey!), so I drove down to Lloyd Clarke Sports here in Gainesville to try on some Newtons. I discovered that Lloyd Clarke has Newtons AND Vibram FiveFingers in stock, so I got to try them both.

Here is what I bought:

These are the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila. I went for a test run as soon as I got home from the store. Overall I think they make a nice addition to my shoe options, but they too are not perfect. The main complaint I have is that they make my feet hot and sweaty, especially around the toes. Otherwise they feel good and I'm happy with the purchase.

I actually really liked the Newtons but I did not feel like spending 150 bucks for the entry-level shoe. I also think the Newtons would allow me to be lazy in my stride, and since I am trying to convert to a mid-foot strike I thought I should stick with a shoe that won't allow cheating. The Newtons seem like they would be great shoes for high-mileage runners.
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