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Fit2Run Twilight 10k Cross Country Challenge - Race Report

  • Monday, September 23 2013 @ 10:17 PM UTC
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This was the second annual Cross Country (XC) race that Fit2Run Gainesville held at The Rock Trails property. The course was mostly well-groomed field grass and was soft due to all of the rains (but still very runnable). There were a few nice muddy sections thrown in just for fun. This year there were options for both a 5k and 10k and I think I chose wisely by running the 10k.

I finished the 10k in 38:16 and earned 2nd place overall. This is the first time I can remember getting to stand on an actual podium!

Photo by "Captured Memories by Esta Eberhardt"

The 5k and 10k runners started at the same time so pacing was just a little bit tricky. I went out fairly relaxed and didn't let the 5k runners pull me out too fast. Most of the fast runners opted for the 5k distance, so when they turned toward the finish line and I started into the second lap, there was nobody in sight ahead of me. Dan Clark was out there somewhere but I never saw him.

Photo by "Captured Memories by Esta Eberhardt"

I took water at every provided aid station. I sipped a bit and then dumped it on my head for cooling. The evening was very warm with light rain and high humidity so I did my best to keep cool.

Photo by "Captured Memories by Esta Eberhardt"

Victory lap / warm down / goof around with the fabulous Dan Clark (winner of the 10k):

Photo by "Captured Memories by Esta Eberhardt"

"Team Dan" enjoying post-race beers:

Photo by Dan Clark

Some muddy shoes and legs:

Photo by Dan Clark

My finish time was a PR for 10k, even accounting for the fact that the course was probably a touch short. I am looking forward to cool weather racing.

Here are my race T-Shirt, shoes, and 2nd place medal:

I was pleased with the performance of my New Balance Minimus MT00 trail shoes. They had great traction, even in the mud, and drained quickly so I didn't have "sloshy" shoes. They got to see some real trail action and have the mud to prove it.

Official results at http://start2finishracemanagement.com/race_results
( http://n.b5z.net/i/u/10155484/f/2013_..._males.pdf )
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