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Don't trash your Torch router just yet

  • Friday, August 11 2017 @ 10:57 PM UTC
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The Torch router was a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded and shipped product but the company failed shortly afterwards. Closed. Out of business.

"Torch. A simple router for digital parenting."


I was apparently not a backer but bought the product through their store so I am unable to leave a comment on Kickstarter (backers only). Maybe a backer will find this blog and post a comment on Kickstarter for the rest of the unfortunate customers.

This Torch router apparently depended on having access to the Torch cloud services which have been shutdown.


This all happened before I even had a chance to turn mine on for the first time.

However, thanks to the fine folks at pcWRT, I was able to flash a new ROM onto the Torch and I now have a working router!

I just followed the basic steps in their quick flashing guide:


That quick guide worked just fine for me, although I had a little difficulty getting tftp to work on my Ubuntu Linux machine. Pro Tip: don't try to use the "tftp" command-line program. Second Pro Tip: plug the computer into the LAN port on the router (as pictured in the above guide), not the Internet port.

I set the computer to have IP address of since this is the hard-coded address where the Torch will look for a tftp image file.

I watched the traffic in tcpdump and confirmed that the router ( was trying to acquire a file via tftp.

In the end, all I had to do was install the "atftpd" package and drop the factoryTorch.bin file into the /srv/tftp/ directory. No service / daemon configuration required on Ubuntu. The router immediately updated and rebooted shortly thereafter.

Finally, I followed the initial setup guide for pcWRT:


This ROM doesn't include pcWRT's fancy parental controls, but it does mean the Torch can be made into a basic functioning router.

Great job to the pcWRT team and thank you for releasing this work to the public!
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