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Ogre - Tabletop Boardgame of Tank Warfare

  • Tuesday, December 31 2013 @ 01:47 AM UTC
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Ogre! Huge! Awesome!

Allen helped to fund this project on Kickstarter and totally scored. Steve Jackson Games wanted to do a re-print of the Ogre boardgame originally created back in 1977. This sixth edition, the Designer's Edition, is a really great example of how to use Kickstarter. The project was seeking $20k to help fund a re-print and in the end received over $920k! You can read all about the Kickstarter campaign here:


The game includes nicely detailed, high quality cardboard 3d models of the Ogres, which are giant tank war machines:

The basic game can be set up and played in 30 minutes to an hour which makes it suitable for a lunchtime gaming session at work. Here are some pictures from a longer multi-day lunchtime game:

Allen and I were defending using armor and infantry:

Charles was attacking with two Ogres:

Allen likes the GEV (Ground Effect Vehicle) units and used them effectively to swoop in and out on the Ogres.

Charles was still looking confident after a string of nice dice rolls.

Rolling over the smaller units is an effective tactic in this game! In this case, the Ogre rams a Superheavy tank, disabling it...

In the end, Allen and I were able to disable both Ogres to prevent a win... but not before Charles accomplished the first objective to destroy the communication tower.

Tabletop board games are fun!
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