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RunAmoc and Huaraches revisited

  • Thursday, April 28 2011 @ 11:17 AM UTC
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Running and Fitness

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I meant to post this a few months ago, but I have been too busy running to spend time blogging. ;)

I have changed my opinion about the Soft Star Shoes RunAmoc Lite and the Invisible Shoes huarache sandal.

When I first blogged about my huarache sandals, I complained about feeling the knot under my toes. Later on, when I tried to run in them, the lacing between the toes caused painful rubbing. My feet are wider now, my toes are spread farther apart.

Similarly, when I first blogged about my Soft Star Shoes RunAmoc Lite moccasins, I complained that my big toe would hurt due to pressure from the front of the shoe.

With both shoes I can now feel the shoe sliding forward when I run, rather than having my foot jamming up into the front of the shoe. I am now running with a wholefoot strike rather than a forefoot strike, and I have learned to run closer to my center of gravity rather than so far behind it. All of these factors seem to have combined to make running in the sandals and mocs a more enjoyable experience.

I now find the RunAmocs to be comfortable for running. The heel area is still a little loose which allows the heel to slide over and off the footbed (I hear rumors that Soft Star Shoes may be working on this issue with some kind of heel cup), but this hasn't turned out to be a tangible issue. They are fun to wear when running on gentle trails. I wear the RunAmocs frequently as a casual shoe (I'm wearing them right now, in fact!).

I still don't find the huarache sandals quite as comfortable for running but I will likely give them another chance this summer since it is getting hot again. I do wear them frequently on nights/weekends and even occasionally to work. They were fun to wear while hiking in El Yunque National Rainforest, Puerto Rico. My huarache sandals were custom made (by me!) from a kit available at Invisible Shoes - huarache sandals.
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