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Shuttle XPC Glamor replacement power supply

  • Tuesday, June 28 2011 @ 11:35 PM UTC
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A few weeks ago the power supply died in my Shuttle Glamor XPC SN78SH7 HTPC / home server. The small Shuttle came with a 300 Watt power supply and since I have two hard drives and tend to run the server day and night, I decided to go ahead and upgrade to a 500 Watt power supply.

The original 300 Watt PC61 power supply was labeled with the following information:

Shuttle P/N: PPR-PC6100-L000
PC6100L-######### REV.01

This is a photo of the dead power supply:

I did my best to locate a cheap replacement, possibly a generic component. I was not able to locate one on the web that I was confident would work with this small case. I found the official Shuttle replacement parts listed in a PDF at the Shuttle web site. Even after I located the part I wanted, there were not many vendors who had the part in stock.

Here is a photo of the official Shuttle PSU replacement part:

The PC63 replacement PSU is the one to buy. Don't get the PC63J since it is designed for a different motherboard layout and has different length cables that might not work in the Glamor case.

The new 500 Watt PC63 power supply is labeled with the following information:

Shuttle P/N: COM-RPC630-00F0
PC6300F-######### REV.00

Note that the power connector just needs to be broken apart to get the proper 4-pin connector for this motherboard:

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