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Tools for a wintery office environment

  • Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 01:57 PM UTC
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Although I really like the glass windows in my office, they do seem to make things chilly when it is cold outside.

The temperature when I walked into my office this morning was 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Space heaters to the rescue! This is a bit ironic considering I am located in a LEED certified building. I guess one way to stay green and minimize your energy costs is to eliminate the requirement to make the office habitable by humans.

Here is a pic of some of my tools for surviving in a wintery office environment:

Details about pictured items:
A warm hat keeps precious heat from escaping through my roof.

I have started wearing headphones to drown out conference calls coming from nearby offices and to keep my music from bothering other people. These are Sennheiser HD 201 headphones, which are the best headphones I have owned. They have a really long cord so I can wheel around my office without taking them off. Bonus feature is that they double as ear-muffs.

I found fingerless gloves at the mall for just a few bucks. These help keep my fingers from getting stiff which means I can keep on coding.

The GNU Emacs Pocket Reference comes in handy, even during warmer months.

Hot coffee is a requirement.

Also pictured: Logitech K120 keyboard and M100 mouse which work great with Linux.

Not pictured: thermal base layer (e.g. long underwear).
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