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1. Coffee Street
I photographed this street sign in the town of Talladega, Alabama. [image1]

2. A Real Thumb Drive
I was looking for a new flash drive aka thumb drive and found this wonderful item: Get one at Amazon for yourself, as a gag gift, or even a stocking stuffer...

3. Dead Mermaid
I was going through some old photos tonight and found this picture of a poor dead mermaid that we saw washed up on the rocks in Puerto Rico. The photo was taken near the Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan. Here is a cropped / zoomed version ...

4. Do Not Collect Army Ants
We just set up an ANTWORKS ant farm. It's pretty cool. The gel inside was developed by NASA to send ants into space. Take heed of the warning about Army Ants: "Note: DO NOT attempt to collect Army Ants in your ANTWORKS container. Should you see several hundred thousand very ...

5. As-Is Ham
As-Is ham... not something we buy every day.

6. Wireless Banana
The last bunch of bananas we bought came with extra features. This banana appears to have wireless capability. I have not yet figured out how to activate it, though.

7. Do not plug in your little sister or ...
Artwork by a 6-year-old:

8. Tron Video Dating Service
With the upcoming movie release of Tron Legacy, it felt fitting to share this video made by my brother-in-law a few years ago:

9. Unknown Stoner at Disney
Disney issues cards to guests who stay at their resorts. One of our cards was issued to an "Unknown Stoner":

10. dailymile has a GREAT error page
dailymile is a social training log for runners, triathletes, and cyclists. They have a GREAT error page:

11. Fifty-Fifty Ladybug
My daughter caught a ladybug (Lady Beetle) with split coloration, half red and half tan. I had never seen that before so I took a picture:

12. Phychic Reading?

13. Gator chomping fish
Pictures taken at Alachua Sink / La Chua Trail in 2007. This was by far the most wild gator activity we have ever seen. The alligators were actively catching and eating fish and causing quite a stir. We could hear growling as well as the crunching of fish bones.

14. Naked Mole Rat
Picture take at the Jacksonville Zoo in 2006.

15. You May Press the Coconuts
I took this picture in Hawaii a few years ago.

16. Avoid the Gate

17. if it moves, it's food
A sign at Alachua Sink / La Chua Trail:

18. Goldfinches in Gainesville
Flocks of goldfinches have been visiting our feeder the last few mornings.

19. Brown Tree Frog
A rather sizable tree frog on our house:

20. Crazy Bear

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