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  • Google Group for Minimalist Runners - Barefoot, Sandals, Shoes (20,022)
    Barefoot Ted's Google Group for Minimalist Runners that seeks to dispel the myth that you need an overly supportive, cushioned, orthopedic shoe-boot in order to push the limits of human potential in running and exploring the world.
  • Can sitting too much kill you? (15,665)
    Sedentary lifestyle is bad news.
  • Florida Track Club (5,219)
    The Florida Track Club in Gainesville, Florida sponsors races, fun runs, and social get-togethers throughout the year. The FTC was founded in the late 60's to support elite athletes like Frank Shorter, Jack Bacheler and other stars who competed in the widely-recognized Florida Track Club singlet.
  • GatorLUG (4,663)
    The Gator Linux User Group is located in Gainesville, Florida. The purpose of the group is education, support and advocacy for open source, open data formats, and open communication standards.
  • SocialShare Plugin (4,001)
    Add social networking links to the bottom of each geeklog story.
  • John Holmes 50k Trail Run and 16 Mile Fun Run (3,616)
    Trail race near Brooksville, FL in the Withlacoochee State Forest (Croom hiking trails area).
  • Dan Stoner on Twitter (3,180)
    Dan Stoner (thatlinuxbox) on Twitter
  • dailymile (3,101)
    A social training log for runners, triathletes, and cyclists.
    dailymile is a way to share your training with friends and stay motivated.
  • Natural Running Store (2,767)
    Online store that sells natural running shoes. "We think you are awesome just the way you are. We love the idea that running is a simple and natural thing to do."
  • UF Sports Performance Center and Motion Laboratory (2,758)
    Lab includes extensive 14-camera, high speed, 3D motion-capture system is used to scientifically evaluate the biomechanics of various sport motions at a rate of 500 images per second.

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