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31. Proprietary Software
Dealing with proprietary software (especially buggy proprietary software, proprietary software where the company has disappeared and released no source code, proprietary software where the company has just decided to kill off the product for marketing reasons and released no source code, proprietary software licensing, proprietary software license key activation, difficult ...

32. Linux Home Theater PC - HTPC
Our digital media collection was ready to exceed the disk space of the old home file server. For the past few years I used a small, quiet, low-power PC to function as the home file server, print server, and staging/Intranet web server. This machine was powered by a Via C3 ...

33. irssi + dtach + Droid + ConnectBot to ...
My favorite IRC client is "irssi" because it only requires a shell / terminal window to run. I can leave it running on a reliable machine and logged into the IRC network for long periods of time. Staying logged into IRC allows me to catch up on recent activity in ...

34. Serial Console Settings for IBM pSeries RS/6000
I like to document things that seem to be harder to find on the Internet than expected. One such piece of information I needed the other day was the connection information for a serial console connection to an IBM pSeries server. Step 1: Dig around in your server room storage ...

35. CrunchBang Linux on Acer Aspire One AO751h
Months after purchasing the Acer Aspire One AO751h, I was still looking for a Linux distribution that works well with the embedded (cursed!) Intel GMA 500 graphics drivers, aka Poulsbo. Ubuntu 9.04 or other distributions sourced on Jaunty Jackalope seem to be the easiest to make usable on this hardware ...

36. Improve compile time on multi-core Linux systems
While compiling a piece of software from source the other day, I noticed that my CPU was only at about 50% utilization. This reminded me that the build tools can be set to execute multiple operations simultaneously. The CONCURRENCY_LEVEL environment variable is used by many tools to determine the number ...

37. My Home Desktop Computer Runs Linux
Probably no surprise to anyone, my home desktop computer runs Linux. I recently posted Heatsink Bracket and Clips for new CPU cooler so I thought I ought to post more details about that system. Here are the specs:

38. Heatsink Bracket and Clips for new CPU cooler
This Zalman is too loud: Here is the funky bracket the Zalman uses:

39. Verizon Motorola Droid... in my hands!
I'm sure that other sites will do a better job of reviewing the Droid in-depth, so I will just give some impressions and post a few pictures. Here are the first pics (note: Jabba is not to scale): The Droid sitting next to my semi-ancient work-provided BlackBerry:

40. Ubuntu 9.04 on Acer Aspire One AO751h
A few weeks ago I bought my first netbook, an Acer Aspire One AO751h. Today these are selling at NewEgg and elsewhere for under $300, but if you intend to run Linux today you should try a different model. ** Update June 2011: The AO751h really sucks at running Linux. ...

41. antivirus-scanner.com is a Bad Website
The other day I stumbled upon a web page that attempted to take control of my browser. I saw a series of pages and had great difficulty making them go away. I happened to be sitting in front of a non-critical Linux desktop, so I figured it would be interesting ...

42. Intel Speedstep - jerky mouse and keyboard
I still had one other nagging problem trying to run the latest version of CentOS Linux on my Dell Inspiron 8100, which includes a Pentium III Mobile CPU capable of SpeedStep. The keyboard and mouse were very jerky. In fact, I would lose actual keystrokes. It's very annoying to type ...

43. CentOS 5 on Dell Inspiron 8100 with Proxim ...
I recently installed CentOS 5 on my older Dell Insipron 8100. For wireless, I use a RangeLAN DS card (in Linux, this card uses the orinoco_cs driver and usually shows up as eth1). In previous versions of CentOS I had to manually identify the card by editing the wifi config ...

44. Linux Games - Urban Terror
Sometime last year, I removed Microsoft Windows from my home computer and installed Ubuntu Linux. It was a tough decision, because I knew I would not be able to play 3D games like Counter Strike Source. I finally found a free multi-player 1st person shooter that is similar to CSS, ...

45. A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection
"The Vista Content Protection specification could very well constitute the longest suicide note in history." This is a quote from Peter Gutmann's Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection. The original document located here: http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.txt I have mirrored the content here: http://thatlinuxbox.com/static/vista_cost.txt

46. Open Calendar Sharing
CalDAV is the Open Standards approach to calendar sharing. It is a little bit late to the game, but adoption is accelerating. Support has been announced by vendors such as Apple and Oracle. The Open Source community has a number of projects underway to utilize this new standard. General Articles ...

47. Introduction to Open Standards and Open Source Software
I gave a presentation at the 2006 Florida Association of Museums Conference (FAM) in July. I gave the same talk at Denison University in October. Summary: Avoid vendor lock-in. Preserve your ability to access your own data into perpetuity. Adopt open standards. The slides are posted on the web: UPDATE ...

48. Go Open Source videos
According to the Go Open Source web site, Go_Open was the first television series dedicated to Open Source Software. The television series aired in South Africa as part of a campaign to promote open source. Here is a fast mirror to those videos: http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/linux/go_open_source.htm UPDATE 05.01.2013 - The original fast ...

49. Gator Linux User Group (GatorLUG)
Just wanted to say hi to the local Linux Users Group here in Gainesville, Florida. http://www.gatorlug.org/ Here is their cool logo:

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