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1. Pretoria Fields Collective and Brewery
Albany, Georgia is home to the Pretoria Fields Brewery. The Pretoria Fields Collective partners with farmers and suppliers all over the state of Georgia, keeping it local and making a great product. Over the past few years I have developed a taste for Sours and Goses, and Pretoria Fields did ...

2. Alabama Winter Vacation 2019
After Christmas I spent some time in Alabama with my two best buddies, Cathy and Kip. We did hiking on Pinhoti Trail in Talladega National Forest and in Cheaha State Park, the highest point in Alabama. [image2] [image3] We also did some gravel cycling. [image1] [image4] [image5]

3. Storm Trooper and Darth Vader Art
Birthday present from my wife... artwork by Cheryl Russell. Now hanging above my reading chair in the living room. [image1]

4. Stoner's Smoothie Milkshake Recipe
Dan Stoner's Smoothie Milkshake recipe. I'm not an exact measurement kind of guy... this recipe makes enough smoothie for 2 - 4 people. Part 1 2 or 3 handfulls of Spinach, Kale, or other salad greens Veggies such as carrots or zucchini 1 or 2 ripe bananas Tablespoon of Protein ...

5. Stand-Up Paddleboard
Over the summer I started doing Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) for fun. I even renewed my fishing license. SUP is a great core muscle workout! I ended up buying two SUPs on craigslist so I have the option to take buddies along. Before deciding to get a SUP I looked at ...

6. Swamp Ape Beer and a Florida Track Club ...
Pictured here is an IPA called the Swamp Ape, brewed by the Florida Beer Company out of Melbourne, Florida: This is my first use of the awesome Florida Track Club pint glass that I earned for my performance in the 2011 Tom Walker Half Marathon. Next time I'll try something ...

7. Vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Last week I met my extended family in Blowing Rock, North Carolina for a week of vacation in the mountains. It turns out that Blowing Rock is a really nice area and a great place to make a "home base" for attractions near Grandfather Mountain, Boone, and the Blue Ridge ...

8. Resort and Beaches - Puerto Rico
As mentioned in my other posts about hiking in the rainforest and Old San Juan, my wife and I took a trip to Puerto Rico for our 10-year anniversary. We stayed at the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort which is perfectly located near San Juan, the northeast coast beaches (and ...

9. Old San Juan - Puerto Rico
As mentioned in my other posts about hiking in the rainforest and the resort and beaches, my wife and I took a trip to Puerto Rico for our 10-year anniversary. We spent one day walking around old San Juan. It is truly a beautiful city. This painting is on the ...

10. Hiking in El Yunque National Forest - Puerto ...
Last month I went on vacation with my wife to Puerto Rico for our 10-year anniversary. We stayed at the Rio Del Mar Resort which is perfectly located near San Juan, the northeast coast beaches (and ferry to Isla de Culebra), the bio-luminescent bays, and El Yunque National Rainforest. I ...

11. Father Abraham Sung by a 3-year-old
Funny video of Julia singing and dancing the Father Abraham song:

12. Kristen Stoner performs the Martinu First Sonata at ...
Video of my lovely wife (aka Dr. Kristen Stoner, flute professor at the University of Florida), performing the Martinu First Sonata, I. Allegro moderato, with Tim Carey, piano, at the Florida Flute Association Convention. January 29, 2011: Additional videos of the second and third movements:

13. Dad filming large gator at Alachua Sink
This picture is from 2003 near the La Chua trail. This is probably the biggest alligator with which we were able to get up close and personal:

14. new kitten

15. Kato's Island Sauce is spicy and delicious
Another festival... another bottle of hot sauce. I bought this one at the 1st Annual Melrose Butterfly Festival. Kato's Island Sauce with Habanero & Mango is sweet, spicy, and delicious! It was great on chicken, steak, and black bean burgers.

16. El Yucateco chipotle hot sauce is smokin
It was a beautiful day to take the family to the Micanopy Fall Festival. I picked up a bottle of El Yucateco chipotle hot sauce from one of the booths selling bottled sauces and live pepper plants. I mixed some of this hot sauce with regular bottled barbecue sauce. I ...

17. brothers
A picture from a few years back of my brother and I enjoying some Blanton's single barrel bourbon at our parents' house.

18. Home Addition - Final Inspection Passed!
We passed our final inspection! We are starting to add furniture and decorate the new spaces! The fun room: The bathroom:

19. Home Addition - Construction Update 10 - almost ...
Here are a few pictures as we near the end of the project. Our formerly lush new lawn is not looking very healthy. There is still some green in there (not apparent in the photo) but I went ahead and over-seeded with additional grass seed this weekend. We had our ...

20. Home Addition - Construction Update 9
The project has slowed considerably. We are now at the mercy of the sub-contractors schedules. However, we passed some more inspections and there definitely is progress since the last update! We have a new roof on the entire house. We chose a commercial spray-on foamy material due to the very ...

21. Kite Flying
My family flew some kites on a recent vacation to the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. My kite was a parafoil: My dad flew a cool Red Baron replica:

22. Home Addition - Construction Update 8
To save money on the addition we decided we would do the painting. We missed the fact that this meant we would have to do most of the caulking! Kristen has been busy doing that and filling the nail and screw holes. The crew did a really good job at ...

23. Bike Tire Peril
We got our bicycles down out of the garage this weekend and I even rode to work this morning. I didn't notice until just now the terrible condition of my tires: These are the original tires, at least 12 years old. The harder outer rubber is peeling off to reveal ...

24. Home Addition - Construction Update 7
One side of the house exterior has been trimmed out. edit: The trim boards are made of cypress and will be painted the same color as the rest of the addition to simulate board and batten siding. Inside the addition, the new openings for doorways have been cut into the ...

25. Home Addition - Construction Update 6
Most of the fascia trim is completed and we now have windows and doors! More:

26. Home Addition - Construction Update 5
We came home one night and the roof panels were installed! The interior walls are being framed today, too.

27. Home Addition - Construction Update 4
This thing is going up fast! We have almost all of the walls and openings for doors and windows. More:

28. Home Addition - Construction Update 3
More progress! The contractors have cut away the existing roof to make room for the new roof connection. Here is what $500 worth of fill dirt (sand) looks like:

29. Home Addition - Construction Update 2
We have a new foundation slab! But first, here are pictures of the extra structural mesh that is now buried in concrete. There are rods inside the old block wall that tie the existing house foundation to the new slab. Concrete was poured inside the existing block wall up to ...

30. Home Addition - Construction Update 1
We have been very pleased to see workers almost every day! We have passed our first inspection and the foundation will be poured soon! More:

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