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181. My Second Barefoot Run
I have one word to describe my second barefoot run... CALVES! Yes, the calves are quite sore. I ran 2.25 miles today, 1.5 of that barefooted. Most of the run was on dirt trails, some of them twisty with the occasional tree root. I was quite surprised that the rougher ...

182. Barefoot Running
The spare tire around my middle has expanded to a maximum allowable level! After a multi-year hiatus, I started running again a few weeks ago. I really want to keep it going and make it a regular activity. I used an old pair of Nike running shoes, which were fine ...

183. Running Links
Here are some running links (most of these are on barefoot running): http://thatlinuxbox.com/blog/links/in...7094146194

184. Proprietary Software
Dealing with proprietary software (especially buggy proprietary software, proprietary software where the company has disappeared and released no source code, proprietary software where the company has just decided to kill off the product for marketing reasons and released no source code, proprietary software licensing, proprietary software license key activation, difficult ...

185. Alachua County Friends of the Library Book Sale ...
The Alachua County Friends of the Library spring book sale has come and gone. I love that sale! I had my Droid with me so I could look up book reviews using the Amazon shopping app for each book before buying... thus I bought a few more books than last ...

186. Linux Home Theater PC - HTPC
Our digital media collection was ready to exceed the disk space of the old home file server. For the past few years I used a small, quiet, low-power PC to function as the home file server, print server, and staging/Intranet web server. This machine was powered by a Via C3 ...

187. Kato's Island Sauce is spicy and delicious
Another festival... another bottle of hot sauce. I bought this one at the 1st Annual Melrose Butterfly Festival. Kato's Island Sauce with Habanero & Mango is sweet, spicy, and delicious! It was great on chicken, steak, and black bean burgers.

188. Geeklog in Google Summer of Code 2010
Geeklog is the CMS / Blog engine written in PHP that powers this site (http://thatlinuxbox.com/blog/). The Geeklog project has been accepted as a student mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code(tm) 2010. This is Geeklog's fourth year in the program. For more information, see: http://www.geeklog.net/article.php/su...-code-2010

189. Fifty-Fifty Ladybug
My daughter caught a ladybug (Lady Beetle) with split coloration, half red and half tan. I had never seen that before so I took a picture:

190. Phychic Reading?

191. thatlinuxbox new logo and a comment on purple ...
I have been spending time in the Gimp making graphics for my wife's web site, so I decided to make a logo for my blog. It is not fancy, just a retro tech font with a transparent background. Here's what it should look like in the header bar for thatlinuxbox.com:

192. irssi + dtach + Droid + ConnectBot to ...
My favorite IRC client is "irssi" because it only requires a shell / terminal window to run. I can leave it running on a reliable machine and logged into the IRC network for long periods of time. Staying logged into IRC allows me to catch up on recent activity in ...

193. Server Racks after the Cleanup
In a previous story, I showed What NOT to do in your server room. Over the past year I have been able to improve that server room a little bit. In addition to a general rack cleanup effort, I installed a whole new rack with square holes and plenty of ...

194. Serial Console Settings for IBM pSeries RS/6000
I like to document things that seem to be harder to find on the Internet than expected. One such piece of information I needed the other day was the connection information for a serial console connection to an IBM pSeries server. Step 1: Dig around in your server room storage ...

195. CrunchBang Linux on Acer Aspire One AO751h
Months after purchasing the Acer Aspire One AO751h, I was still looking for a Linux distribution that works well with the embedded (cursed!) Intel GMA 500 graphics drivers, aka Poulsbo. Ubuntu 9.04 or other distributions sourced on Jaunty Jackalope seem to be the easiest to make usable on this hardware ...

196. Improve compile time on multi-core Linux systems
While compiling a piece of software from source the other day, I noticed that my CPU was only at about 50% utilization. This reminded me that the build tools can be set to execute multiple operations simultaneously. The CONCURRENCY_LEVEL environment variable is used by many tools to determine the number ...

197. Canceled my A2 Hosting account
As mentioned in thatlinuxbox.com now runs on a Linode, I switched from A2 Hosting to Linode a few weeks ago. The new Linode server is running great so today I canceled my A2 Hosting account. I ditched A2 Hosting because the low apache MaxClients settings meant my sites were giving ...

198. My Home Desktop Computer Runs Linux
Probably no surprise to anyone, my home desktop computer runs Linux. I recently posted Heatsink Bracket and Clips for new CPU cooler so I thought I ought to post more details about that system. Here are the specs:

199. Heatsink Bracket and Clips for new CPU cooler
This Zalman is too loud: Here is the funky bracket the Zalman uses:

200. thatlinuxbox.com now runs on a Linode
Due to issues with shared web hosting plans (mostly due to insanely low apache MaxClients setting), I have moved all of my thatlinuxbox sites over to a Xen VPS solution offered by Linode.com (www.linode.com). Linode compares well with SliceHost and other VPS providers, although Linode offers 360 MB RAM and ...

201. Fiction Read During 2009
Here is the complete list of fiction that I read during 2009 (total of 84 works, mostly Speculative / Science Fiction):

202. Verizon Motorola Droid... in my hands!
I'm sure that other sites will do a better job of reviewing the Droid in-depth, so I will just give some impressions and post a few pictures. Here are the first pics (note: Jabba is not to scale): The Droid sitting next to my semi-ancient work-provided BlackBerry:

203. What NOT to do in your server room
Leave unused cables in-place. Do not use cable management. Label no cables. Use cables of inappropriate length (this is a SCSI cable!):

204. Amazon.com Advanced Book Search cannot "NOT" anymore
It all started with me wanting to find "Science Fiction books published last month that were not about vampires." According to the Amazon Advanced Search page, the minus sign "-" is supposed to indicate a "NOT" search. I started by searching the books section for "-vampires". Amazon says: Your search ...

205. My Reading Place
Thank you, IKEA (Poang chair and stool, Expedit book shelf).

206. El Yucateco chipotle hot sauce is smokin
It was a beautiful day to take the family to the Micanopy Fall Festival. I picked up a bottle of El Yucateco chipotle hot sauce from one of the booths selling bottled sauces and live pepper plants. I mixed some of this hot sauce with regular bottled barbecue sauce. I ...

207. Alachua County Friends of the Library Book Sale ...
I am lucky to work a few blocks away from the Main Branch of the Florida Alachua County Library here in Gainesville. I am perhaps even more lucky to work right down the street from the Friends of the Library Book Sale. The book sale is held twice a year ...

208. Reading Binge
I've been on a bit of a reading binge this year. I will talk about that more in a future post. Below is a list of the fiction I have read during 2009 up thru today (70 books!). I read mostly Speculative / Science Fiction. In the future I hope ...

209. Ubuntu 9.04 on Acer Aspire One AO751h
A few weeks ago I bought my first netbook, an Acer Aspire One AO751h. Today these are selling at NewEgg and elsewhere for under $300, but if you intend to run Linux today you should try a different model. ** Update June 2011: The AO751h really sucks at running Linux. ...

210. Gator chomping fish
Pictures taken at Alachua Sink / La Chua Trail in 2007. This was by far the most wild gator activity we have ever seen. The alligators were actively catching and eating fish and causing quite a stir. We could hear growling as well as the crunching of fish bones.

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