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91. I am the Right Foot
I purchased this artwork by Rokoko at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar in Austin, Texas. The text in the artwork begins with "I am the Right Foot". I liked this painting because of the vibrant colors and because many of the phrases go particularly well with barefoot running:

92. Good Running Form video
A great video on running form / technique: I first saw this video posted by the Learn to Run initiative: http://www.facebook.com/learntorun * Update 1.20.2011 * For me, "neutral hips" is not a sufficient cue... I have always tended to slouch so "neutral" to me would be too far back, even ...

93. It has come to this with my VFF
I love and hate my Vibram FiveFingers Bikila running shoes. I love that I can wear them and have beautiful runs like today, where I had a segment that felt perfect and effortless. I love that they have great traction on wet surfaces (better than my bare feet). I love ...

94. Software to help you live longer
I read an article today that says "it is entirely possible to meet current physical activity guidelines while still being incredibly sedentary." It goes on to say that people like me who sit in front of computers all day are doomed to an early death (ok, I'm exaggerating a little ...

95. Merrell Trail Glove may be minimalist shoe perfection
Jason Robillard writes that "no shoe has come closer to minimalist perfection" than the Merrell Trail Glove in his review posted at Barefoot Running University. The full review: http://barefootrunninguniversity.com/2011/01/04/merrell-trail-glove-review/ A shoe like the Vibram FiveFingers without the toe pockets sounds really great to me. [image source: merrell.com]

96. Ryan Hall plyometrics video
Ryan Hall, Josh Cox and Terrence Mahon demonstrate some plyometric exercises that they use to build speed and power:

97. six months of running
After 6 months of running, I am feeling pretty good. I lost 20 pounds and have avoided developing any serious running injuries. I totaled over 400 miles. I finished a half marathon. I have successfully converted my running stride so that I land with a midfoot strike rather than a ...

98. In Search of the Perfect Running Shoe
The worst thing about trying to choose new running shoes is that it is almost impossible to know how they will perform without testing them in the wild on a few runs (or 10 - 20 miles). Six months ago I decided that I was going to start running regularly ...

99. Distance Medley Relay at 2010 Penn Relays
I always enjoyed the relay meets when running track in high school and college. Here is some nice video of the 2010 Penn Relays - Distance Medley event. The Distance Medley is comprised of four runners each running a different distance: 1200M, 400M, 800M, 1600M.

100. barefoot running foot strike slow motion - adult ...
I took some video of myself and my 3-year old daughter running barefoot to compare our foot strikes / running form. Each segment is at full speed, then slow motion at half speed, and then even slower at quarter speed. I have a forefoot strike. My daughter has a midfoot ...

101. John Holmes Trail Run - Race Report
Saturday I ran the John Holmes 16 Mile trail run at the John Holmes 50k Trail Run and 16 Mile Fun Run in the Withlacoochee State Forest, Florida (the area is sometimes known as the Croom hiking trails). I finished! That was my longest run ever in my whole life... ...

102. My Minimalist Running Shoe Comparison
Below is a list of my running footwear, how many miles I have put on them, and some opinion about each. I also thought it would also be amusing to include my wife's initial reaction upon first seeing each type of shoe. Sorted by mileage:

103. Nike Free Run Plus
My Nike Free Run+ shoes have become my primary running shoe. They do well on roads and sidewalks and are very forgiving if my legs are tired. Minimalist shoes like the Vibram FiveFingers are not forgiving at all. The Nike Free Run+ do a good job on trails, too. Here ...

104. almost three months of running
I have had a few foot injuries and setbacks, but overall I am pleased with my training progress. I'm now capable of doing around 20 miles per week. I'm actually amazed at how quickly I've been able to increase my mileage. I think that switching from a heel-strike to a ...

105. 2010 Melon Run in Gainesville, FL
I'm still having running soreness and pains (including a new pain in my ankle) so I decided not to run the Melon Run on this humid 4th of July morning. This 3-mile race is apparently a Gainesville tradition. The Melon Run is sponsored by the Florida Track Club. While spectating ...

106. Use Cotton Balls to Treat Top of Foot ...
Now that I have been running barefoot and in minimalist shoes for a few weeks, I no longer get soreness or pain in my calves. However, I am discouraged because I developed pain in the top of my right foot. Research ensued. This condition is aptly nicknamed TOFP (Top of ...

107. Vibram FiveFingers Bikila
The other day I was running in my Huarache Sandals. Another runner caught up with me and started to chat since he had never seen anyone running in huaraches before. He was wearing Newton running shoes and told me that he owned some Vibram FiveFingers. It seems like FiveFingers (VFF) ...

108. RunAmoc running moccasins from Soft Star Shoes
I really wanted to love the RunAmoc, and not just because of the awesome name. The Huarache Sandals that I made a few weeks ago had some discomfort around the toe knot. I didn't want to jump on the Vibram FiveFingers bandwagon just yet. Minimalist shoes such as the Vivobarefoot ...

109. Huarache Sandals
I made a pair of huarache sandals using a kit from InvisibleShoe.com . Getting the lacing right is the hardest part. Walking around in the yard they were incredible... bring on the sticks, pine cones, and sweetgum balls! However, on hard surfaces I could definitely feel the knot under the ...

110. My Third Barefoot Run
I ran 2.5 miles total yesterday, 1.25 of that barefooted. I have discovered that running barefoot on Florida sun-baked concrete sidewalks gives me blisters... almost instantly. Not fun. I'm eagerly awaiting the pair of RunAmoc running moccasins that I ordered from Soft Star Shoes. I added "Last of the Mohicans" ...

111. My Second Barefoot Run
I have one word to describe my second barefoot run... CALVES! Yes, the calves are quite sore. I ran 2.25 miles today, 1.5 of that barefooted. Most of the run was on dirt trails, some of them twisty with the occasional tree root. I was quite surprised that the rougher ...

112. Barefoot Running
The spare tire around my middle has expanded to a maximum allowable level! After a multi-year hiatus, I started running again a few weeks ago. I really want to keep it going and make it a regular activity. I used an old pair of Nike running shoes, which were fine ...

113. Running Links
Here are some running links (most of these are on barefoot running): http://thatlinuxbox.com/blog/links/in...7094146194

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