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91. My Third Barefoot Run
I ran 2.5 miles total yesterday, 1.25 of that barefooted. I have discovered that running barefoot on Florida sun-baked concrete sidewalks gives me blisters... almost instantly. Not fun. I'm eagerly awaiting the pair of RunAmoc running moccasins that I ordered from Soft Star Shoes. I added "Last of the Mohicans" ...

92. My Second Barefoot Run
I have one word to describe my second barefoot run... CALVES! Yes, the calves are quite sore. I ran 2.25 miles today, 1.5 of that barefooted. Most of the run was on dirt trails, some of them twisty with the occasional tree root. I was quite surprised that the rougher ...

93. Barefoot Running
The spare tire around my middle has expanded to a maximum allowable level! After a multi-year hiatus, I started running again a few weeks ago. I really want to keep it going and make it a regular activity. I used an old pair of Nike running shoes, which were fine ...

94. Running Links
Here are some running links (most of these are on barefoot running): http://thatlinuxbox.com/blog/links/in...7094146194

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