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1. New Job - Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Just after Thanksgiving I started my new job as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer for SharpSpring which is located here in Gainesville, Florida. On my first day they put me at a desk next to the window and I received a nice t-shirt (swag!). [image1] The company just moved to ...

2. New Ceph Storage Hardware for iDigBio
The Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab where I work recently aquired new hardware to support the storage needs of iDigBio.We operate an open source Ceph cluster to provide object storage for media and datasets. iDigBio was too successful at mobilizing digital media about museum specimens... the original storage cluster ...

3. We are Hiring a Front-end Developer
My department at UF has a job opening for a Front-end Developer. This is the blurb that I sent to various tech-oriented mailing lists. It appears that the initial posting duration is rather short (closes 30 Sep 2015). OFFICIAL JOB POST:   http://explore.jobs.ufl.edu/cw/en-us/job/493532/it-expert The official information is at the above ...

4. Standing At Work
I have been standing pretty much full-time at work since 2011 and I am still quite happy using my Custom-Built Standing Workstation in my current job. I do have my laptop on the lower desk surface in case I need to sit down, such as after a particularly hard morning ...

5. Custom-Built Standing Workstation
I have been standing at work since 2011. In January I started my new job and quickly felt the impact of sitting all day... sore back, stiff knees and ankles, basically feeling crippled. Whereas my last job had an adjustable desk surface and all I needed to do was add ...

6. New job - iDigBio Data Integration Expert
In January I started my new position with the UF Advanced Computing and Information Systems Laboratory (ACIS) to work on the national Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio) project. This multi-institutional project is funded by the National Science Foundation to build a "National Resource for Digitization of Biological Collections" or as I ...

7. Cat Meme your Console
When working on a team of system administrators it is important to teach the junior members an important lesson: DON'T LEAVE YOUR WORKSTATION UNLOCKED! Even though physical office areas are frequently reasonably secure, leaving a workstation unlocked does have the potential to expose sensitive information or worse... get one's Facebook ...

8. Ogre - Tabletop Boardgame of Tank Warfare
Ogre! Huge! Awesome! Allen helped to fund this project on Kickstarter and totally scored. Steve Jackson Games wanted to do a re-print of the Ogre boardgame originally created back in 1977. This sixth edition, the Designer's Edition, is a really great example of how to use Kickstarter. The project was ...

9. Interim Linux Team Lead
This week I was chosen to be the Interim Team Lead over the Linux Team in our little section of UFIT. Our existing team lead is heading off to greener pastures to do cloud stuff and to perform all kinds of SysAdmin wizardry at Rackspace. Martin Smith, we will miss ...

10. Six SysAdmins
This is what it looks like when there is an interesting technical issue on a system administrator's computer screen. The sixth SysAdmin is me (taking the picture).

11. Standing Workstation v2.0
A few months ago I started standing at work. I've been tweaking my desk area and this is where I am today, version 2.0 of my standing workstation: The upper LCD shelf is made from a cheap melamine shelf with CAPITA legs from IKEA. So far it is working well, ...

12. Standing Workstation v1.0
This infographic created by http://MedicalBillingandCoding.org is a nice reminder of why sitting all day is potentially bad for one's health: There are also articles that report on the dangers of sitting too much. I have certainly noticed that I feel better when I do not sit behind my computer all ...

13. New Job - System Admin with the CNS ...
On Friday I started my new position within the University of Florida as a System Administrator in the Open Systems Group (OSG), which is part of UF Computing and Network Services (CNS). I will be doing mostly Linux System Administration in support of many University-wide services, probably specializing in the ...

14. Nice Apron
I work with this guy Caleb...

15. iXsystems servers installed in rack
I finished installing, cabling, and labeling the new servers from iXsystems that we bought a few months ago. They are now running FreeBSD 8.2.

16. The Two-Thirds Method for Estimating Projects - It ...
In a previous post about attending the Agile 2010 conference, I included some quotes from Arin Sime who presented a talk on using range estimates rather than single-point estimates: "Single point estimates are almost always overly optimistic." "There is a limit to how well a project can go, but no ...

17. New Server Rack UPSes
Today I replaced the old UPSes that had been powering our server rack... well, I should say that I replaced the dead one as well as its brother who was still hanging on for dear life. This is the vintage of old UPS I removed: We replaced the old units ...

18. Tools for a wintery office environment
Although I really like the glass windows in my office, they do seem to make things chilly when it is cold outside. The temperature when I walked into my office this morning was 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Space heaters to the rescue! This is a bit ironic considering I am located ...

19. New servers from iXsystems
We received our shiny new servers from iXsystems (http://www.ixsystems.com). iXsystems "strives to provide the highest quality storage solutions, custom rackmount servers, pedestal servers, and appliances running FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and various versions of Linux such as RedHat, SuSE, Slackware, and Debian." We went with a FreeBSD specialist vendor to eliminate ...

20. Web Accessibility Summit at UF
Last week, the University of Florida Web Administration team hosted the Environments for Humans - Web Accessibility Summit 2010 (#a11ysummit on Twitter). I was able to attend at no cost to my department. Being a UF employee has its perks from time to time. http://environmentsforhumans.com/2010/accessibility-summit/ It was a great event ...

21. What I learned at the Agile2010 Conference
I attended a conference, yeah! The Agile 2010 Software Development Conference was held in Orlando, Florida from August 9-13. The last technical conference I attended was OSCON (Open Source Convention) 2006 in Portland, Oregon. Agile 2010 was a really great opportunity for me to jump-start my transition from system administrator ...

22. New job - Shimberg Center for Housing Studies
I'm really excited about my new position as a Database Analyst / Programmer with the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies . This was a lateral move within the University of Florida. I have been wanting to shift into a web and database development role for a while now. I was ...

23. Server Racks after the Cleanup
In a previous story, I showed What NOT to do in your server room. Over the past year I have been able to improve that server room a little bit. In addition to a general rack cleanup effort, I installed a whole new rack with square holes and plenty of ...

24. What NOT to do in your server room
Leave unused cables in-place. Do not use cable management. Label no cables. Use cables of inappropriate length (this is a SCSI cable!):

25. Current job
I apparently never blogged about taking a new position in 2008. I am no longer with the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida. I have been an IT Senior with the Children's Oncology Group at UF for about a year. COG is under the College of ...

26. Museum Server Racks - Part 4
We have declared the new server space project "Done!" and have started to move in the servers. There are some complexities with our situation of sharing physical space with one of the world's largest collections of Lepidoptera:

27. Museum Server Racks - Part 3
We have cooling! The first server has been installed:

28. Museum Server Racks - Part 2
A lot of progress has been made since the project began. These pictures show some of the intermediate steps. Here I am installing a vertical PDU (Power Distribution Unit):

29. Museum Server Racks - Part 1
The museum has allocated part of a collection room for server space. I am posting a few pictures to track the progress of that project so far. Here are the racks the day we first rolled them into place. We are using the 42U APC NetShelter 750mm wide SX (AR3150) ...

30. Work buddies
Here is a picture of some of my work buddies (the museum IT department) from a few months ago, taken at a local restaurant named Buddha Belly.

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